Best Pre & Post Holi Skin Care Tips

Best Pre & Post Holi Skin Care Tips

Being a vibrant and fun festival, Holi captures the essence of the Indian culture. We understand that you all just want to dive into the Holi madness & play with all the colors that you can get your hands on. Does the havoc these colors create on your skin distress you? No worries! In this blog we will talk about the skincare essentials that everyone needs to know.

Pre Holi Skin care Tips

There are a few beneficial skincare products of Seer Secrets that you must use before you start playing with colors.

SPF 21 Milk Lotion

Your skin can become dry when it comes in contact with harmful colors and scorching sun rays. Hence, before you go out make sure you apply our high SPF protection products. Our SPF 21 Milk Lotion has natural ingredients and sunblock barriers that helps complete protection against sun rays & UVA-UVB rays along with the hazardous chemical colors & pollution. It doesn’t melt off easily and stays up to 5 hours. So apply this SPF 21 Milk Lotion on your face, neck, hands, or any other body parts prone to sun rays.

Ultra Rich Maize Protein Lotion

To keep your skin hydrated & soft, lotions/moisturizers are necessary. Moisturizers or Lotions create a protective barrier on your skin. Hence, it protects your skin from dullness, dryness, and roughness. It keeps your skin protected from harsh effects of the Holi colors. Applying our Ultra Rich Maize Protein lotion that will smoothen your dry skin. It is a lightweight, nourishing, and non-sticky body lotion that may work as a great trick to remove colors from your skin.

Last but not least, try to wear a full sleeve or covering clothes before you go out to play with your friends and get drenched in the colors. Always remember that along with the natural skincare products, the physical barrier can give your skin the best protection against chemicals and harmful rays.

Post Holi Skin Care Tips

Firstly, dust yourself and wash off all the loose color from your face with plain water. Now check out the below post Holi tips. Know how these Seer Secrets skin care products can be beneficial for your skin.

Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash

Try your hands on our well-known Vitamin C foaming face wash. It will improve the skin tone and curb all the dry, dull, and dead skin cells from your face. Vitamin C itself softens your skin, repairs the skin, and keeps it hydrated. Do not rub hard on your face. Just gently apply, rinse, and pat dry on your face.

Gemstone Bathing Bars

You can also try our special Gemstone bathing bars. We have a wide range of bathing bars such as Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Gold ORE, and many more. These all are 100% natural and handmade bathing bars that will enhance moisture & nourishment to your skin. The pleasing fragrance and healing ingredients help reviving the damaged skin.

Hydrating Milk Enzyme Body Cleansers

Instead of washing your face or body with soap, we suggest you opt for a body cleansing milk. You will yourself see how easily all the colors are coming off. Try out from our wide range of hydrating milk enzyme body cleansers. With a refreshing scent & protein rich ingredients, these body cleansers will produce a sense of hydration and protect the skin from roughness. It will not only work as a detoxifying agent but will also protect the skin from allergies or infections. Post that you can use our Ultra Rich Maize Protein lotion to banish all the dryness.

Last but not least, avoid using any makeup products, bleach, shave, or wax for a few days on your skin. Let your skin heal with time and get its moisture back. Without going harsh on your skin follow all these aforementioned steps and experience more fun & less drama on this Holi. Also, to save massive on your purchases use Seer Secrets coupon code SEERPRA15.

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