Story of Seer Secrets

Story of Seer Secrets

Seers were the people who were clairvoyant in their approach to life. With their meditative practices, they evolve medicinal systems for everybody’s benefit. Our brand name is based on those secrets, values, ethics, and the life of seers & sages. We ensure to deliver products based on rare herbs and formulations by spiritual sources from around the world.

As a company, we re-discovered the healing powers of India’s natural herbs and Ayurveda. Every ingredient is carefully curated with the finest methods and ingredients are 100% natural from India and formulated in consultation with Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners. Our unique combinations with rare formulations have discovered products that are remarkable giving uncommon solutions to common problems. We ensure that our remedies are efficient in rejuvenating and healing your mind and body. 

How it Started

One night a carpenter working at my house came up with his healed rough hands which were the outcome of using the handmade soaps that I made. However, he couldn't buy them as it wasn't affordable for him. And that was my first encouragement & motivation that indulged me into making more such products. Thereafter, I started selling those soaps in different exhibitions, and spas. Slowly I received great reviews about the products which motivated me even more.

Even after that, my creative mind wanted to achieve more. So I started using Kyphi. My in-house blend Egyptian Kyphi was so effective that if you burn it on coal it makes the environment positive. My father's factory in Mayapuri wasn't giving any returns and he burnt my Kyphi for three days during Diwali and the results were that lots of fumigation made the shop lose its dullness hence turning a dead cow into a milking cow. These small things made me feel encouraged and this journey became even more beautiful.

Purpose found by Passion

Inspired by the methods of holistic care from ancient times, we use formulas that are rich in healing properties. We use ingredients in our products such as Aloe Vera, Volcanic Ash, Guggul-Soy Phytosterol, Japanese Mint, Fruits, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. These will not only promote healthy skin but will also give a soothing fragrance. 

As a company, our aim is to provide easy access of the forgotten beauty recipes of the Sages & Seers from ancient times to the ones who love to pamper themselves. It is for those who are careful and considerate towards what they’re consuming and also towards the environment in general.

Vision of Seer Secrets

The vision of Seer Secrets is to provide all the naturally derived skin, hair, and wellness products, that one could get by holding what is objectively true. Seer secrets evolve around the idea of simple living high thinking. It brings you the sheer secrets from around the world, as we manufacture from India, which plays an important role to provide rare herbs back from the early ages.

Founder’s Message

I, Jasdeep Singh Chadha believe that “whatever is on you is in you”, in simpler words whatever you put on your skin goes inside your body. I realized this at a very young age and desperately wanted to do something about it. This passion made me read a lot of Ayurvedic books, I even went to Kannauj to see how pure essential oils were extracted. At the age of 17 with a strong passion to make organic herbal products, I started making soaps from my in-house pantry. Gradually, I started providing exclusivity to the clients, got amazing testimonials, and have built many brands, retailers, wholesalers, spas, and hotel spas.

I even had a chance to take this concept abroad but I always wanted to do something in India by conserving the Indian heritage of herbs. Being devoted to Ayurveda and Herbs, my passion is to heal others in the most organic way. Now, as we all know that due to the growing urban lifestyle, we are prevailing these days it’s hard to get proper nutrition for the body & skin. There are a lot of people who just fall for the attractive commercials without even giving a second thought about the ingredients they use to make the products. So by keeping this in mind, I wanted to create something that is, harmless to the body, and a fragrance that calms the mind. Also, I am a vegetarian hence, you will find cruelty-free products sourced with the modern Ayurveda approach. Being a very minimalistic person, the packaging of the products that I chose is also very creatively simple.

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