Lemon, Shorea & Cinnamon Sebum Retarding Facial Cleanser 100 Ml

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EEP PORE CLEANSING: This powerful blend of Lemon, Shorea & Cinnamon thoroughly cleanses the pores and empties them of dirt. It effectively gets rid of dirt, oil & pollution from your face. It dissolves away excess oil, makeup, and grime from your face.
HIGH IN ASTRINGENT & ANTI-MICROBIAL PROPERTIES: Shorea Robusta or Rala Extract is a powerful astringent. It is a wonder ingredient and helps cleanse wounds and expedites healing.
PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE OILY SKIN: Search no more! A Sebum Retarding cleansers that can clean congested skin as it deeply penetrates pores, removing pore-clogging oil and dead skin cells along with blackheads. All with no allergic reaction and made with 100% natural and safer ingredients.
BEAUTIFUL CLEARER SKIN WITH EACH WASH: Infused with the best natural ingredients with maximum breakout control & antioxidant-rich to fight free radical damage. Gentle enough to keep skin soft and hydrated. Strong enough to remove dirt, makeup & impurities, clear up acne breakouts, and remove blackheads.
BRIGHTENING ACTION FOR A BALANCED COMPLEXION: Penetrating deep to keep the skin hydrated by using a combination of ingredients to leave the face with a boost of hydration and a cleaner, softer feel. Please give a light massage to your face post-wash on wet skin.



    At Seer Secrets, we know from the scientific research that harsh and polluted environment hurts skin, so a gentle cleanser is a vital step in your daily skincare routine. That’s why we’ve formulated several cleansers to meet the needs of different skin types, concerns, and preferences. This lemon shorea and cinnamon sebum retarding facial cleanser does a deep cleansing of pores and also empties them of dirt as these are oil soluble impurities. Face washes are used to get rid of your face from dirt, oil & pollution. Our cleanser dissolves away excess oil, makeup, and grime from your face. Rala or shorea extract is a powerful astringent and is high in anti-microbial properties. These two important characteristics of Rala make it a wonder ingredient in herbal ointments and washes. Rala helps cleanse wounds and expedites healing.



    Splash your face with warm water. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser into your palms. Apply it to your face in a circular motion. Massage your face for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly with water.