All Natural Raw Essential Oil Hawan Kit With Stone Burner & Coal

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Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata ) origin: Africa aroma: sweet, uplifting and balsamic frankincense is obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia in the family Burseraceae. It was used traditionally in many ancient cultures for ceremony prayer, healing, and ritual
Bdellium (Commiphora Guggul) origin: Himalayas aroma: sweet, more forceful with almost masculine bdellium is a semi-transparent oleo-gum resin extracted from the Commiphora wightii and from Commiphora Africana trees. Prized throughout the Himalayas, this natural resin is a wonderful aid to meditation and puja
Kyphi ( Kapet) origin: ancient Egypt aroma: sweet, with a honey undertone throughout. Kyphi (Kapet) was one of the most popular types of temple incense in ancient egypt and it was also used as a remedy for a number of ailments
Myrrh resin (Commiphora myrrha) origin: ancient Egypt aroma: balsamic, sweet, yet slightly bitter, musky myrrh is a gummy resin from the Commiphora shrub. Cuts are the bark of myrrh trees to allow a yellow colored liquid to escape. As this liquid comes into contact with air, it changes color to dark brown and hardens to form myrrh resins which are then scraped off. Burning this incense increase focus and concentration, stimulate creativity, increase motivation and induce relaxation



    Incense has long been associated with religious practice. It is believed that its use began in ancient Egypt, eventually spreading to the rest of the world. Today incense is used in many religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and neopaganism to name a few. Buddhists often use incense in their temples and for meditation at their personal altars. As the smoke rises up to the heavens, it often the requests reaching their destination & approval by a divine entity. Christians use it during worship to symbolize the prayers of the faithful going to heaven. Among Hindus, incense accompanies practically all forms of worship. Neopagans and Wiccans employ the use of incense in their rituals often to represent the elements and to create an atmosphere conducive to magic & the presence of deities.



    Place the stone bowl on a plate and burn a piece of coal till red hot. Put a few resins on the burning coal and allow it to emit mist. Fumigate the entire space that needs to be cleansed with this resin. We have also included a wooden spoon along.